Device not migrated due to ambiguous match

There are many posts talking about how to resolve this issue, and this happens to me after I messed up with my SSD/HDD using AMD’s StoreMI (tiered drive application based on Java).

I didn’t take my picture but the problem states the same description like the attached screenshots. I am having problem on using the two drives – I can’t create any partition, I can’t convert them using diskpart or disk management (WIndows built-in application).

If you happen to have the same problem on your storage (SSD or HDD, maybe USB), you may want to try below (at least it works for me).

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2017 Interview Note

坦白說我很佩服別人換個工作可以寫一篇文章, 那個申請數量跟面試量實在是有夠驚人, 大到我都很懷疑那是怎麼做到的(哪來那麼多時間去面, 是不用上班嗎?)
這半年來其實我也面了大約10幾間左右(好吧, 我今年有休假), 實際上有面對面的只有一半左右(應該不到), 而有拿到offer的也只有兩間(一間contract, 一間fulltime).
除了PR以及WebMD以外, 實際有面的公司都集中在10月中, 主要是11月開始.

面了不少公司大多卡在第一關就bye了, 這包含
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Finally, you can save parameters in SSRS – by CiQuest Lab.


Many users are asking if there is a way to save parameters on SSRS reports. The answer is always not attractive.
Some people proposed a way to save your “last entry” in a table – well, that’s a good start, but with restrictions.
Actually, users are spending too much time on filling the criteria then viewing the report – that’s not right !

And the solution is coming, follow us and check back later~

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Cursor or not ?

SQL Server Cursor is a long existing function Microsoft provides. However, its performance is always being discussed (most discussion is poor performance in Cursor). If that’s the case, it’s about time to prove it and see if there is an alternative.

I have a sample table (no PK) with prepared data (180 rows). All I want is to process all the data one by one (if that’s the case). You can see below (left is cursor, right is an alternative solution).

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