IIS/CA installation

因為之前安裝過, 但是有點忘記了

後來摸了一下, 大概花了10分鐘, 就設定完成

1. 進入Add/Remove Program -> Add/Remove Windows Component

2. Check “Certification Authority” to install (Also need to prepare Windows 2000 disk)

3. After installation, go to IIS, select your website for SSL.

4.  Go to Directory Security Tab, select Server Certificate

5.  Click Next to the end. Also, you need to fill some fields.

6. Go to Certification Authority. Click right button on your server name.

7. Choose All Tasks -> Submit New Request

8. Select the *.txt to load into Pending Requests

9. Go to Pending Requests, choose the Certificate you just created, right click and select “Issue”

10. Go to Issued Certificates and then open the certificate

11. Go to Detail Tab and click Copy to File, use default option, output as *.cer

12. Go back to IIS, your web site -> Directory Security -> Server Certificate

13. Choose the *.cer you just created, choose port (default 443).


Now, the SSL port is ready to use.


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