Firefox "menuitem" error (< menuitem)

This problem is caused by Firefox extension file typo which will occur when you installed some specific extension/plug-in.

The main reason is Sun Java Console that the typo in zh-TW(Correct) as zh_TW in
locale javaconsole1.6.0_01 zh_TW chrome/locale/zh-TW/ffjcext/

Which means this problem only happened with Traditional Chinese users.

The error is caused by the file, chrome.manifest
under this directory
C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxextensions

Here is some solution:

Solution 1.
(You need to close the Firefox browser before this modification)
Open this file using any text editor, modify the last line from

locale javaconsole1.6.0_01 zh_TW chrome/locale/zh-TW/ffjcext/

locale javaconsole1.6.0_01 zhTW chrome/locale/zh-TW/ffjcext/

then, save it.

Some articles argu Firefox needs to close by command line with -safe-mode. You may do this if you prefer.



Solution 2.
Just update your Java to the last version. 1.6.0_03 has fixed this problem already. I prefer this one.


Actually, if you run the installation(1.6.0_03) before, you will not engage this error.



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