Democracy in Taiwan

I don’t know what’s the condition for Taiwan,
Should I call her a country or just a province ?

Whatever you want, this is my homeland.

Since 198x, our people once have their right to choose their future – vote their president.
Vote the leaders, the majors.

Every time, we see the candidates try to provide their difference, their advantages.
Once, in a moment, I feel proud of being a Taiwanese. Cus we are a democracy country.

However, few years passed. The traditional advertisements such as body accuse(not sure it’s correct in English), or so called “dig sh*t” (Sorry for the dirty word). One side may attack his/her enemy with some irrelevant issue, i.e. family visa, loyalty, stock.

The feeling, the proud, just gone. I can’t imagine that how come it has been ten years, our politician still try to use this trick to win the election.

In the recent time, same issue also happened in America. Hillary Clinton, the candidate of U.S. president, who tried to attack Obama with his elementary school composition. I just don’t know how come United States has over 200 years democracy history could allow this happen. (Barack Obama seems to satisfy my standard, in some aspects. Hillary shows her strong style policy, which will neutralize her advantage.)(Maybe, it’s time for America to vote their first black president.)

Maybe, as this site states, my thought is too idealistic which has been far from the reality.

Hope the new leader in Taiwan can bring the democracy to another realm !


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