Core Exam Analysis – Part 1 [Programming Language]

There are four fields in NYU Computer Science Core Exam.
There are
1. Programming Language
2. Compiler (Removed from Sep.2009)
3. Operating System
4. Algorithm

PS: Previous Core Exam can be downloaded in

Part 1 will discuss the Programming Language Part.

I am not a hard-study student. Honestly, I spent much more time on other fields than those four courses.
Last year(2007), I try my first shot in September. Unfortunately, I failed at that time and with a poor grades.

Those Exam sheets can be downloaded from Computer Science Website. It may or may not go with solution.

OK, back to the main part.
First of all,  in NYU CS, Professor B. Goldberg is the best professor in teaching this course. Clear pronunciation, complete demo and homework. The whole course requests students know the basic programming language from the early time to the current concept (OO).

Mainly, students need the know
1. Ada/Java /C++ (OO Language)
2. Scheme/ML

First, Ada/Java and C++ will be considered as OO(Object Oriented Language). Still, there are some difference between Java and C++. Students need to know the detail in both language and the implementation in how to write in both language. Besides, the basic OO concept is also very important – Inheritance, Encapsulation and Polymorphism.

Another part for OO language is thread. Students need to understand how to write a program using thread. Which, is also relevant to Operating System.

In ML/Scheme, the most important is the understanding of how to use the whole logic to write a simple program. value type, loop, define, etc.

If you want  to pass the Core Exam, programming language would be a worth investment.


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