Core Exam Analysis – Part 2 [Compiler]

Actually, I should put this part with Programming Language.
Cus Compiler and PL are actually the same issues.

However, compiler is not a simple field. To have a correct, detail understanding, it will take you a long time to understand.

First, I will say if you don’t have enough time to prepare the exam, don’t try to get score from compiler.
“It’s not a good investment!”

Compiler is always hard to most students. Cus it’s hard in lower layer of the system.  This field needs a powerful brain in logic and comprehension.

Most compiler problems would be First/Follow problem, parsing language, LL, LR, context-free grammar etc.
The text book is also the same in most university – the dragon book. (Sound like the OS dragon book)

Due to the exam policy, OS, PL and Compiler are in one sheet, total 5 problems.
PL+Compiler will usually have 3 problems. OS has 2 problems.
In compiler, it will get only 1 problem, though sometimes it may be 2.


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