Experience a slow network? lost packet?

This is the first time I met this event.
In the old office, I have experienced the slow network, drop packet irregularly. However, ping command replies a very small number. I don’t know why….

In general case, I doubt that there must something wrong with the cable. You may test different nodes to the specific destination. If you get instable connection, than mostly, the cable problem.

However, DELL tells me I am wrong. The 24 Ports DELL switch tells me that this problem may cause by the bad port jack.

How come I would come up with this answer ? First, I take my laptop and connect that long cable, ping the destination. Done, it’s perfect. But, if I go through the DELL 24 ports Switch, it goes slow and drop packets. However, if I change to another port jack, it goes fine.

So, this tells us, don’t trust the Switch. Sometime, it may let you down.


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