Can’t boot up from Windows XP ? Try the Recovery Console

Sometimes, you can’t boot into Windows (XP, 2003. 2000 is not tested) due to some reason.
This article solve some cases that caused by the MBR info. missing.

Here is the step:

1. Insert Windows XP/2003 CD into your CD-ROM/DVD-ROM
2. Config BIOS boot priority/sequence – Adjust your CD-ROM/DVD-ROM to the first place
3. When “Press any key to boot….” shows, hit a key
4. After going to the blue installation screen, your will see 3 option, press “R” to enter Recovery console


1. System will ask you if you want to repair the partition C, if yes, press 1, then ENTER
2. Type your Administrator password(if available), otherwise, just press ENTER
3. Shows the C:WINDOWS prompt, type MAP, then ENTER
4. Type fixboot, ENTER
5. Choose your operating system installed partition, then hit ENTER
6. Type fixmbr, ENTER
7. Type exit, ENTER

So far, you have rebuild the boot.ini file and rewrite the content of boot.ini, also, rewrite the information into track 0(boot sector). If nothing else, you should be ready to login to your Windows.


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