Idiot? Lazy?

May be you are an engineer in IT, may be not.
May be you might have the same situation like me, or
May be, you are the one I will discuss in the following ?

Two weeks before(Approximately), I agreed with my boss about the IT support position for a  short-termsupport.
Those daily issues include standard troubleshooting, ex: virus removal, hardware upgrade and repair, network configuration and application/O.S. re-installation.
However, if you are an IT support, you might find that your intelligence has been lowered down to a incredible level….

The IDIOT level.

Why ?

You are doing the same jobs everyday, you learn nothing. Everything you do is all you knowledge. You knowledge and experience can support/solve almost 99% situation.
If you can’t solve it, then re-install it.

That’s why this job always goes with low salary….
Because they don’t need a smart guy, they need a experienced and well-attitude IT support.

The following contents are the standard IT support, take a look and see if you are in

1. You bring your best smile to the office, smile to everybody, and answer the phone call.
2. You install NOD32 to the infected system instead of Symantec (not that effective to most virus, no matter the corporate edition or the others).
3. Re-install Microsoft Windows XP, run the Windows Updates, install, install Microsoft Office XP/2003/2007 or whatever.
4. Get the d*mn complain call about the Microsoft Outlook/Exchange Server, configure the E-mail settings.
5. EUs(End-User) complain about their “Slow” computers
6. EUs complain about “How come the virus is inside in my system?”, and they denied about their inappropriate usage or the website they might browse before.
7. EUs complain about the scanners, printers or even network lost when they just unplug the cable
8. EUs complain about the computer does’t work anymore, the screen has “No signal” – And it was just the power cord drop.
9. EUs ask you to burn/replicate the CD/DVD when their system has a CD/DVD burner and they “DON’T” know and they even don’t want to “LEARN” how to use it.
10. to be continue….

PS: I will update this post when any good comments are in or any funny case I meet.

Finally, my advise is, if the description is what you are doing right now, get some CCNA, CCNP or other certificates and ….

“Say Goodbye to them”

You deserved a better working environment and smarter colleages.

PS2: That’s why Microsoft, Google and Yahoo may hire people in higher salary. At least those workers are not idiot.


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