Day 1, welcome to Arizona

I went to office as usual time. My colleges looks like envy on my travel, however, it’s not just a easy way.

Few days before, one US airway plane lands on the Hudson river. Same model , same company ok my way to Pheonix. Airbus 320, though it is the most safe model in the world.

The captain just broadcasts about the schedule is ahead about 30 min. Now, I am thinking how long it will take to the hotel.

Later, I take about one hour to fool around the hotel, I see cactus, I am not sure if I need to use cereus to describe what I see. But it’s really warm here.

Finally, welcome to Arizona!

To be contiune….

p-640-480-4131499d-2f77-4135-bc6a-13ea6d3b1f1f p-640-480-761e8fa5-2aef-487d-9ba5-228a9b50a01c l-640-480-f1276238-e469-41ff-ad4a-b921523964e9 l-640-480-65cf4f7b-ac29-4b92-83f9-f7aba3b41446 l-640-480-009e858f-cc44-4f1b-9bc3-5a4db62b6c89 l-640-480-01a25d2f-34bc-4aa8-9591-48280d8a6225


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