Hybrid SHD ?

SLC+MLC on EeePC, how about Laptop and PC ?

Yes, the solution is Hybrid SHD.

Hybrid SDH stands for Hybrid Solid & Hard Drive, which provides solid state drive and hard drive in only one single drive.

As we know, ASUS EeePC 900/901 provides a small but fast SLC storage for system and a large but a little slow MLC stogate for data partition.

This combination provides either fast boot and adaquate capacity with the balance of cost (also reflect the retail price).

Now, how about the regular PC, especially for laptop ?

In a regular PC, we can purchase a solid state drive and a seperate hard drive for fast boot and large capacity. However, due to the retriction for laptop of power, space, weight, currently we only have one choice. Either you choose traditional hard drive which may use long seek time but larger space with low cost, or you can choose SSD(Solid State Drive) with 30GB~250GB in a very fast way but not a affordable price.

My solution, is to provide a reasonable price, with 30~60GB SSD build with a 160~500GB traditional, with this configuration, the drive provide even fast boot and large capacity.
Is that gonna be practical ? We’ll see….


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