How much does the airflow effect your CPU and VGA temp ?


I just bought the Core i7 and a nVidia GTX260 in April.
The case is Lian-Li PC-A05B. This manufacture is always provide high level of computer case with delicate design.
However, after running for few months, my system is not that stable.
I test some of the temp. for CPU and VGA, they are all hot.
For Lian-Li, they should consider the airflow already. Thus, I touch the CPU heatsink, VGA and case edge, they are all very hot!
I tried to remove the side, and then, the temperature dropped dramatically.
It means that the airflow is the problem!

The original configuration is a 120mm fan in front, a 120mm fan in back with the airflow in the following image:

This configuration is good for winter, especially in New York~~
Before I change the airflow, the front panel and back case edge are all very hot. The surface is even hot that I can’t touch it more then 5 seconds.

After I change the fan side, the airflow becomes this:

Now, I touch the case, VGA heatsink and back case edge, they are all warm….
I am wondering how could the VGA run in the temperature for more than half a year without burning out….@@

If you have the same problem, try to study your case and change the fan to adjust/reroute the airflow path.
Bring the heat from the device to outside is very important for system~~


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