UK should be responsible for the death of the Briton

As we know China has just executed the Briton who was charged to carry the 4kg Heroin into China.
Originally, this may be a small incident which “may be” solved peacefully under table.

However,  UK started their diplomatic solution to protect their citizen not to be executed. They tried to pursue China that this Briton is mentally-ill so that he should be totally re-examed for his mental condition and re-consider his crime. China does not agree with this theorem; UK was panic and start to accuse that China shouldn’t execute a “mentally-ill” Briton.

In this part, I think UK made a fatal mistake and let this event become diplomatic war: a simple incident becomes two countries storm. Chinese hate to be asked to do what you want and what you ask for with that attitude. At the last few days, UK didn’t understand it and caused the worst result in the end.

Things may be solved in other way that UK would say “We respect China’s law and court, however, if possible, we would like to extradite this Briton back to UK and has another court in our country and using our law to punish him.” I think, in this case, China earns the respect and under the circumstance, China “may” (in a very low possibility) send the Briton back as a diplomatic victory. Even China does not comply, at least UK won’t mass up the relationship for one single case.

How do you think ?


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