IGhashGPU on ATI Stream & Test@Radeon 5870


As I post few days before, the BarsWF run the MD5 bruteforce on Radeon 5870 with 1200M.
Now, I provide the following test in this program – IGhashGPU
You may go to the link here to their website.

In the same condition, IGhashGPU provides almost 200% performance compared to BarsWF, Radeon 5870 comes to 2400M
As a logic conclusion, ighashgpu has optimized for AMD/ATI Radeon GPU.

Notice that the Radeon 5000 Series has even faster beta version to run the MD5 bf with another 33% performance improvement!!
At this moment, Radeon 5870 has 3200M performance, with the time from 1 min. 6 sec.(66 sec.) down to 50 sec : which is 16/66 = 24% time improvement!!

I have to say that this author is really rock!!
You may go to this link to have a complete comparison of all GPU(including nVidia’s latest GPU – GTX480/470).
nVidia, in this field, seems not the enemy of ATI.

According to the analysis/guess, ATI has its benefit in SP(Stream Processors), a Radeon 5870 has 1600 SPs, and a Radeon 5970 has even 1600*2 = 3200 SPs; Compared to GTX480 has 480 Cores only.

Here is the complete compare of the BarsWF, IGhashGPU and Beta test run


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