Intel vPro (Q57) AMT 6 Requirement & Know how


As previous post of the demo video, here, I am going to tell you something that you may need to know before you build up/purchase your vPro/AMT 6 system.
In order to fully enjoy the benefit the Intel vPro AMT 6 functionalities, the right CPU and chipset  are necessary.
Now, you know that vPro/AMT 6is only available on Intel Q57 chipset, but which CPU should you choose ?

You may refer to RealVNC as they announce their test platform.
You see their list, and you may want to ask : Can I use the other CPU like i3 or i5-7×0, i5-6×1 or even better – the i7-8×0 CPU ?

To answer this question, I will need you to read this document first – List of  vPro  CPU on 2010.
The conclusion is, if you want to enjoy every bit of the Intel vPro AMT 6 functions, you can only purchase the i5-6×0 CPU, which includes

i5-650 / i5-660 / i5-670 / i5-680

or any laptop that states vPro and uses the CPU listing on List 2: with KVM mode.
If you have any question regarding to the KVM, check the RealVNC website for further explain and demo.

After all of this, you will need the RealVNC Viewer Plus to connect to your vPro system, I will tell you how to setup your vPro system in the next post.

Her are just some screen shot on the vPro system (BIOS level management)


Booting to Windows 7

Windows 7 & other Info


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