Finally, you can save parameters in SSRS – by CiQuest Lab.


Many users are asking if there is a way to save parameters on SSRS reports. The answer is always not attractive.
Some people proposed a way to save your “last entry” in a table – well, that’s a good start, but with restrictions.
Actually, users are spending too much time on filling the criteria then viewing the report – that’s not right !

And the solution is coming, follow us and check back later~

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Cursor or not ?

SQL Server Cursor is a long existing function Microsoft provides. However, its performance is always being discussed (most discussion is poor performance in Cursor). If that’s the case, it’s about time to prove it and see if there is an alternative.

I have a sample table (no PK) with prepared data (180 rows). All I want is to process all the data one by one (if that’s the case). You can see below (left is cursor, right is an alternative solution).

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Everything about Roomba

趁老婆帶兒子回台灣住的這兩個月, 我花了點時間把一樓客廳跟房間的地毯全拆了, 改鋪Laminate Wood. 這項工程耗費了兩個周末, 以及一位摯友無條件的幫忙得以完成.
(話說原屋主的地毯真的是只能用噁心來形容…)換完地板後除了整個房子看起來明亮很多(原本的地毯是深咖啡色), 而且我現在也敢躺在地上了(大心).

但是換完地板後接踵而來的就是灰塵的問題, 對此, 我上eBay買了一台New(Other)的Roomba 595, 只是那為賣家似乎並沒有很老實的告知機器有隱藏的問題讓我花了相當的時間研究問題. 也因此, Roomba 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900系列的差異也都搞得差不多了. 這篇先列出500以及600的差異.

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[Creative] The 13F – Elevator (Part 1)

時間過的很快, 轉眼就是一年多.
Rex今天有幸提早下班. 搭Path回去轉Light Rail, 不到一小時就到家了.
衝了個澡後, 終於能夠在家裡吃晚餐. 想著等一下跟Eric以及其他朋友約在樓下交誼廳聊天

“Eric, 等一下跟Ryan他們是約幾點 ?”
“8:30”, replied by Eric
“OK, will be there”

換上Polo衫, Rex出門等電梯下樓

“奇怪, 怎麼這麼久電梯都不來?” (心想)

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