[Creative] The 13F – Elevator (Part 1)

時間過的很快, 轉眼就是一年多.
Rex今天有幸提早下班. 搭Path回去轉Light Rail, 不到一小時就到家了.
衝了個澡後, 終於能夠在家裡吃晚餐. 想著等一下跟Eric以及其他朋友約在樓下交誼廳聊天

“Eric, 等一下跟Ryan他們是約幾點 ?”
“8:30”, replied by Eric
“OK, will be there”

換上Polo衫, Rex出門等電梯下樓

“奇怪, 怎麼這麼久電梯都不來?” (心想)

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Intel vPro (Q57) AMT 6 Requirement & Know how


As previous post of the demo video, here, I am going to tell you something that you may need to know before you build up/purchase your vPro/AMT 6 system.
In order to fully enjoy the benefit the Intel vPro AMT 6 functionalities, the right CPU and chipset  are necessary.
Now, you know that vPro/AMT 6is only available on Intel Q57 chipset, but which CPU should you choose ?

You may refer to RealVNC as they announce their test platform.
You see their list, and you may want to ask : Can I use the other CPU like i3 or i5-7×0, i5-6×1 or even better – the i7-8×0 CPU ?

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